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Bonnie Louise Holmes , Age: 78
April 12, 1943 - March 26, 2022

Bonnie Louise Holmes born April 12th , 1943 in Land O’Lakes, Wisconsin. Born to Carmen Harris and Gene Strong. When Bonnie was 10 years old she moved to Washington with her grandmother (Mary Caroline Lindgren) who raised her, until Bonnie met Dick Laux.

When Bonnie was 15 she met Dick Laux, soon after they were married. Dick and Bonnie had four children together. Oldest son Richard Franklin Laux Jr. and oldest daughter Tamara Louise Laux who proceded her in death. Second oldest son Tracy Steven Laux of Olympia, WA.  Daughter Mary Kay Laux of Rochester, WA. Daughter in law Shay Laux of Rochester, WA.  Daughter in law Dee Laux of Lacey, WA. Son in law Paul Piffer living in Tumwater.

Bonnie was also married to James Holmes. They had one child together, James Robert Holmes of Shelton, WA. Daughter in law Suzanne Allen of Shelton, WA.

Bonnie’s parents, Carmen Brownell and Robert Brownell and younger brother Billy Brownell all proceded her in death.

Surviving siblings included sister Sharon Brownell and brother Bobby Brownell of Watersmeet, Michigan.

Bonnie has numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren; she was very fond of them and loved them dearly.

She was also an Aunt and Great Aunt to numerous nieces and nephews; she was very fond of them and loved them dearly.

For the last 13 years of Bonnie’s career, she was a school bus driver for the Olympia school district. She loved getting to know the children and watching them grow up.

Bonnie’s Hobbies included quilting and sewing. She would enjoy making quilts and giving them to family members. She also loved to crochet slipper and stocking caps of all different colors.

When Bonnie was making quilts, she would sew pieces together that would make a certain design. She would put a top piece of the quilt, batting in the middle, then the back and then tie it off with yarn.

Bonnie also worked for Headstart. She loved working with the young children and teaching them new activities and watching them learn.

Some of Bonnies’s favorite TV shows included All My Children, One life to Live and General Hospital. She would tape them during the day so that when she got home, she could unwind and watch them.

After losing her sight due to Macular Degeneration, she enjoyed listening to her shows. The shows Comic Unleashed Couples Court and The Cutlers, she was able to get Mary Kay and Shay hooked on them. The three of them would watch the Cutlers every night. Bonnie enjoyed listening to Dateline, 48 Hours and Magnum PI with Tom Selick. When Bonnie received an Alexa, it was a game changer. She thoroughly enjoyed asking all sorts of questions. She also enjoyed listening to country, classic country and of course her favorite country singer; Toby Keith. One of Bonnie’s favorite things to do was to listen to her audio book. Every night when she was ready for bed, she put on one of her audio books. She would listen to it until the wee hours of the morning. Listening to her audio books was truly one of her passions.

Bonnie lived at the Martin Way Mobile Home Park for 20 years while enjoying her retirement. She liked visiting all of her neighbors, especially Pete. They grew very fond of one another. Also, she loved visiting her dear friend Charlotte, Mel and several others.

The last year of Bonnie’s life, she had to have 24 hour care. She broke her left ankle and could not walk for three months. Daughter Mary Kay and daughter in law Shay helped Bonnie get back on her feet again. After several months of Mary Kay living with Bonnie in her home, Bonnie moved into Mary Kay and Shay home in September of 2021. She lived with them until her passing.

Bonnie was so loved and will dearly be missed by many.


Rebecca unzueta April 20, 2022

Enter your relationship with Bonnie Louise Holmes Enter your city , Washington

Sending condolences to the family

Alicia and Steve henry April 22, 2022

Grand daughter and son Olympia , Washington

Love you grandma ๐Ÿ’—. And send our love to the family. Love you aunt Katie and aunt Shay! The words are beautifully written and love the picture of her!

Debbie Laux April 22, 2022

Aunt Littlerock , Washington


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