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Lee Andrews Reaves , Age: 79
March 07, 1945 - May 12, 2024

Lee Andrew Reaves
March 7, 1945 – May 12, 2024
Lee Reaves, aka Captain Bob. What an amazing guy, what an amazing life. It cannot
be described in a few paragraphs. But following is a sampler:
-Tall (very), gregarious, charming, funny.
-Judged people by their character and not their color, station in life or wealth.
-Lee loved and was loved by many. At the top of his list were:
--His home
--His many friends
--His mother
--His sister Jeanne
--His children and his grandchildren
--He loved Susie most of all.
-Lee and Susie married when they were 17 and 18, in 1964. Lee was in school at
St. Martin’s college then, and had a scholarship to play basketball. By the time he
graduated, they had three kids, Amy, Andy and Cristin. He went to school and
worked three jobs to make it.
-He worked for the Washington State Auditor’s office for 30 years, with his last job
there being Deputy State Auditor. He retired at the age of 53 from the Auditor’s
office and became a lobbyist. The best side benefit of that was taking people fishing
in Tofino BC.
-He was always after the biggest fish, and wanted people on his boat to catch fish.
He has lifelong friends from those fishing trips. He enthusiastically “talked” the
person with the fishing rod through hooking, reeling, chasing, and landing the fish
every time. Usually complete somewhat controlled chaos!
-He camped under duress, and backpacked under more duress (mostly because he
always had the heaviest pack going in, with food, and leaving with things resembling
rocks, sometimes a kid or an extra pack). He preferred a thermostat.
-He had many outrageous adventures with his buddies that cannot be put in print.
-He wore an ostomy bag for just under 40 years. He counseled many people,
mostly women, who could not see life living with this appliance hanging from their
bodies. He helped people work through their fears.
-For Lee and Susie’s 50 th anniversary, they went on a 6 day river trip down the Main
Salmon River with the entire immediate family, many extended family, and some
very special family friends. It rained at some point every day, and we loved every
minute of it. We did a flash mob to “Say Hey I Love You” at Yellow Pine Bar, in the
middle of the Frank Church Wilderness. The best family trip ever to occur. Lee and
Susie were married for 60 years.
-He taught his children to be kind, self-confident, and hard-working.
-He changed his name to “Lee Andrew Reaves” to be named after his son.
-He helped people, some of whom he knew well and some not at all, in quiet and
unexpected ways.
-In lieu of flowers or gifts, please instead do what Lee would love -keep an eye out
for an opportunity to help someone in need.  Buy someone’s gas, groceries, a meal
or just talk to them.  Lee knew no strangers.

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